Established in 2003 in Malvern, we are dedicated to assisting patients cope and overcome a range of cognitive changes that include disorders of memory, language, thinking or personality. We provide access to a geriatrician, an endocrinologist and a physiotherapist, along with community resources throughout the Scarborough area.

Every individual treated at our clinic receives the best care available, from a knowledgeable and compassionate team. Our focus being our patients ant their families throughout the course of care.

As the Canadian population ages it is important that care and support systems for them are in place is very vital. As we age it is not uncommon to occasionally forget small things here and there. Its important to, note that not all forms of memory loss are related to normal aging. In fact, some changes may indicate the possibility of  neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s disease being one. If you or a family member is concerned about memory loss, we encourage you talk to your doctor about a screening memory test which may help to identify, or rule out, the presence of certain types of dementia.



We are happy to see any and all adults who think their memory may be deteriorating. However, all patients must be referred to the program by a physician or a licensed nurse practitioner.

All new referrals must be faxed to 416-724-8531 and should include patient ID, referral reason, past health history and current medications. Relevant lab reports, scans and hospital summaries are also great additions

Our Team
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J. E. Lessard, BSc., BMedSc., MD, FRCP(C)
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R. Briones-Urbina, MD., PhD., FRCP(C)